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Yup, the eyes that see Through Lindsey's Lens! So I guess you're here to learn more about me so here's my version of the terrifying sentence "tell me about yourself"...

I live in Colorado and I will never shut up about it. My friends say it's basically my entire personality at this point which I'm not even really mad about. I love everything about the adventure that comes with living here. Hiking, paddleboarding, camping, skiing, off roading, rock climbing (although I'm still an indoor boulder girly). Because I love the state I live in so much, I LOVE when couples from out of state come to me absolutely clueless about Colorado and what to do when they're here. I have all the recomendations for your wedding/elopement and for your stay here in general!

it's ya girl Linds

What up homies,

Another big part of who I am and what I stand for is my love and value for travel. I grew up in a family that always valued experiences, no matter how big or small. Whether it was going to a hockey game with my dad or taking a family trip to Nova Scotia (UNREAL btw), I always knew experiences were important to me.

In the past couple years, I have really leaned into this and have traveled all over. Some of my favs have been Oregon, Ireland, Utah's National Parks, Prague, and The Swiss Alps. My favorite thing about travel is connecting with people and learning about the culture from the locals.

Traveler's tip: The best way to find out about good local spots is to ask your serving staff at a restaurant or clerks in a local store for recommendations!

Because travel is such a big part of not only my values but my brand, I actually have a bucket list with over ten states, fifteen national parks, and ten countries where I will offer one couple a discount for booking me there!

Okay you've peaked my interest, what's on your bucket  list?

One of the main things I hear from my clients is that I make them laugh and make them feel so comfortable in front of my camera. I mean...I like to think I'm a funny person.

I'm also told that my excitement for my couples and their marriage makes them feel even more excited themselves and stress-free about their day (the way it should be).

Don't believe me? Nah, it's okay, I need hard evidence too sometimes. Here's a review from Stacey and Chris who got married in San Diego, CA:

"What can I say about the talented Lindsey that really gets across the fact that she helped set the tone for our wedding? Maybe the fact that her personality really helped me and my husband feel at ease on our wedding day because she has an incredible sense of humor and is so easy to talk to ...her excitement just helped us feel that much more excited...Lindsey is the person who is helping you be relaxed, happy, dare I say BLISSFUL because you know that she has everything handled."

Curious about getting an experience like this?

Colorado is my personality
(according to my friends at least)

I value travel and human connection

I wanna learn

My clients think I'm funny and that's validation enough

Okay, by this point you should have a vibe of what I'm like in my business and also just in what do you think?

LEts do the dang thing