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Why Engagement Photos are a Must

by Through Lindsey’s Lens

First of all, if you just got engaged, congratulations!! This is going to be such an exciting time in your life. It may be stressful at times, but I promise you one day you will look back at this time and wish you could relive it! If you clicked on this blog that means you’re trying to decide if you should take engagement photos, and I’m here to tell you that you absolutely should! Keep scrolling to see my top 4 reasons why engagement photos are a must.

1. They are a Great Way to Get to know Your Photographer

Your engagement session is a great opportunity to get to know your photographer and become more comfortable with them. You are going to spend A LOT of time with this person on your wedding day so you want to make sure they will only add joy to your best day. Your photographer should help you feel comfortable and make sure that your engagement session is a wonderful memory to look back on. As a photographer, I love engagement sessions. The couple is always so excited and ready to spend the rest of their lives together. I really enjoy getting to know couples before I am a part of one of the most important of their lives. It is always so much fun to learn their loves story and the unique personalities of every couple.

2. They Help You Feel More Comfortable in Front of the Camera

On your wedding day, you will be in front of the camera for basically the entire day. But don’t panic! If you’re usually not the center-of-attention type of person, that is completely fine. Your engagement session is the perfect time to help you feel more comfortable being in front of the camera. Your photographer will be there to give you tips on how to pose and look your best. If you are nervous about being in front of a camera all day, let your photographer know! They will help to ease your nerves and make sure that your best day ever is not being overwhelmed with nerves.

3. You Can Use Them as Decoration on Your Wedding Day

Incorporating your engagement photos into your wedding decor is a simple, meaningful, and not to mention cheap, way to add a lot of personality to your wedding day. You can use them on your table centerpieces or even create a viewing area during your cocktail hour or reception so your guests have something to look at. There are so many different ways to use them, just take a scroll through Pinterest and find what inspires you.

4. They Create Lifelong Memories

You are only engaged for a short amount of time, and with all of the stress of planning, it can be hard to really enjoy every moment of it. Engagement photos are the perfect way to savor this precious time in your life and create memories that you can look back on for the rest of your life. You only get to be a fiancé for a small portion of your life, make the most of it! Make a whole day out of it! Schedule your photos for whatever time of day you like (my recommendation is golden hour) and then spend the rest of the day with your fiancé doing all the things you love to do together.

I hope this blog convinced you why engagement photos are a must! If you’re looking for a photographer to capture your engagement session or special day, click here! For more wedding tips, click here.

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Why Engagement Photos are a Must